CountryScapes Art by Johanne Cassia, American Folk Artist, Historic Painter

Johanne Cassia offers folk art “Painting Party” classes and “Directed Open Studio” private classes for a fun experience. Book a class, get covered in paint and take home a painting ready to hang in your home or office!

“Painting Party” classes are one time, four hour class offered to museums, libraries and private organizations. Parties are often fundraiser events. These are fun events where Johanne creates a painting for the group. She is self taught artist who feels that everyone can paint and a folk art class is a great way to dive into painting. It is so fun and so relaxing. Johanne brings all supplies and table easels. This is for beginner as well as adventurous artists who want to create a painting ready to hang. Johanne has recently given “Painting Party” classes at the Custom House Maritime Museum, John Adams National Historic Park, the Rebecca Nurse House Museum and the Wilmington Library. Contact Johanne: or call: 978-356-8838.

"Directed Open Studio" are private painting classes. Johanne Cassia offers fun classes in her studio for both beginner or adventurous artists. These two or three hour classes are offered during the week and on weekends and may be scheduled by contacting Johanne by phone or email: They are open to all beginner or experienced artists who want to paint in a art studio and be critiqued. It is not limited to folk art or historic painting. The artists who have been attending are working with oils, acrylics, watercolors in their own style and on their own paintings. Johanne offers her perspective when artists request feedback or want assistance with the development of a personal project. Artist bring their own supplies. Specialty supplies available for purchase as well. Contact Johanne Cassia, M.Ed. for fee schedule.

Folk Art Painting private sessions with Johanne can be combined with a stay in our Rogers and Brown House B&B. Contact Innkeeper for more information: 978-356-9600.

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