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August 2011
In this Dab of Paint...
Tax Free Weekend
Golden Eagles
Free Painting Class October 1


I would like to share the joy of painting with all of you. I am planning to have a free, two hour class for anyone who would like to try their hand at painting. The class will be held on Saturday, October 1 from 11am - 1:00 pm. You may use my painting supplies. All you will need to bring is a folding chair and lots of enthusiasm.


I suggest you bring a photo or an object you would like to paint. For those who have asked to begin special projects, like canvas floor cloths, bring the canvas or you may purchase painting ready 2' X 3' prepped pieces from me. Perhaps, you want to paint a folk art portrait of your home? I suggest you bring a photo. 

I will be using ink and trying my hand at Sumi-e ink drawing on rice paper. Kay will be showing me how. We will be using acrylic paint in class so wear "painting clothes."


All I ask is that you call or write to say you are coming. I want to have plenty of baked goodies and coffee for all.


Phone: Johanne Cassia, 978-356-8838, email:
Tax Free Weekend

If you have been thinking about a framed piece of art, greeting cards, totes, pottery, jewelry, baskets, hand loomed textiles, candles, scone mixes, jams, furniture, rugs or a seasonal gift item this is the weekend to drop into Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery. 
Tax free weekend is Saturday and Sunday, August, 13 and 14.
 No Golden Eagles in Ipswich

I would like to make a text correction thanks to Bev Perna.

Bev says she really enjoys our newsletters and hesitates to mention this, but if we are trying to appeal to birders, and she is one, it would be nearly impossible to find a golden eagle in this territory. OOPS!

Bev says we get bald eagles, mostly up on the Merrimack, but in 30 years I have never heard of a golden eagle sighted around here.  You might want to change that to bald eagle so no novice birders gets their hopes up.  You might want to make a pitch for spring and fall migration with Plum Island on the Atlantic flyway being a prime stopover.

Great idea Bev! Thank you so much.

If anyone ever sees a golden eagle in Ipswich, please call me. Thanks
$25 Off Coupon
Coupon may be used on any single item in Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery that is priced $50. or more. Coupon valid until September 30. You must bring coupon with you when making purchase. Coupon does not apply to any sale item. One coupon per family.


First time artists signing up for 3 Saturday "Directed Open Studio" painting classes will receive a $25 discount if paid in full at the first class.


Artist Coupon valid until October 31.