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December 2011
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Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon
Dear Reader,

We are so grateful to have you as our guests, customers, friends and family. We thank you for sharing in our dream. Our dream has grown and developed in many ways and we hope your dreams have also been realized.

Many of you have heard the story of how my husband Frank made my dream come true. How I wanted to open an antiques shop in a barn and live in an historic house in a historic town. That lifelong dream has come true and so much more.

Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery celebrated our 12th year in business on Halloween. We opened on that fun holiday and had lots of pumpkins, lots of food, ghost movies and many friends here at our grand opening 12 years ago. Our antiques business now includes a gallery of my artwork and hand crafted homegoods of many other American artisans. The second floor of the barn is now my art studio where artists come to paint with me.

As a self taught folk painter, I have had the joy of seeing my work enjoyed by many of you. Some have murals in your homes, some have original paintings and many have framed canvas giclees. I am increasing my collection all the time. My new work is being added on an ongoing basis to our websites. I have many new ideas for the new year.

Our B&B, the Rogers and Brown House B&B, had our best season since we opened four years ago.  Having a home based bed and breakfast is much work but their are so many rewards. We have the "best guests." We are very excited that we have returning guests for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have our holiday dishes out and we are already beginning to decorate.

Like many, we find the holidays both joyful and stressful at the same time. But as this year comes to an end, we are grateful for all of you. We thank you for sharing so many good times with us and we look forward to the new year with great expectaions.

May the New Year bring you and yours, good health, abundance and much happiness.

Warmest Regards,
Johanne & Frank
"The Eyes of the Child"
supports Ipswich Caring

David C. Wallace, Ipswich poet, has a written a poem that keeps on giving. His poem, "The Eyes of the Child" has been made into a CD with music accompaniment by Jeff Whalen. David is donating all of the proceeds from sale of this CD to Ipswich Caring.

Jeff recorded 2 different sound tracks of this poem written by our Ipswich poet. Jeff is no longer with us but his beautiful sound recording  is available on CD in our shop.

For a donation of $3.00 or more you can support Ipswich Caring and recieve a copy of this CD. David C. Wallace is donating 100% of the proceeds to Ipswich Caring in memory of his talented friend Jeff Whalen.  We are the only shop to have this lovely sound recording of David's inspirational poem. Thank you David and Jeff.
"Buy American"
at Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery

"Buy American" has been our mantra since we opened our shop twelve years ago. We are now being joined by a national chorus of Americans who agree with us. You have probably read signs, recieved emails or encouraged by friends on Face Book to support American artisans, American industries and American goods. Even one purchase can help a small business. We have lovely shops and a great assortment of gifts and homegoods that can be purchased right here in Ipswich.

We hope you will think about stopping by our shop to check out what we have. Every item has been hand selected by us. We travel around New England and beyond to locate artisans who create quality goods.

Harvest MoonWe thank Henderson, former potter to Sturbridge village, for his great, functional and beautifully designed redware. We carry his pie pans, baking dishes and hot cider pitchers. We carry redware dishes from Betty in Ohio and Ann in Texas. We purchase our iron hooks, iron plate holders and cross stiched samplers from artists in PA. Our textiles are recreated from original, historic, coverlet designs and are handloomed by an entire family in PA. The lighted wooden houses are made by family of six in Ohio. The fishing lures are designed and carved by a friend in Danvers, MA.  It is a delight to meet these talented craftspeople and to offer their remarkable creations. You will not find duplicate goods  or racks of the same of anything in our shop. Our focus is on "one of a kind" and "Made in America.



We carry an exceptional collection of custom jewelry made by Mary Masse. Mary is an experienced local designer who has been designing beautiful pieces for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in all aspect of jewelry design in both fine and costume jewelry.


Her beading, design and knotting talent has been showcased at major jewelry shows in the area. We have a fresh collection of her beautiful necklaces and earrings for our shop. Mary specializes in natural beads and crystals. All jewelry in our shop is on sale until the end of December.

Women Weave Funds

We have just included beautifully handwoven baskets into new inventory offerings. These fabulous, practical "market baskets" are works of art.

The women of Ghana feed their families by weaving baskets for the international fair trade markets. We are happy to support women who spend more than 3 days weaving each one of these wonderful storage baskets so they can contribute to the support of their families.

 We have baskets in 4 sizes. They can be dampened and reshaped to be used as storage or as carrier baskets. The handles are made from leather and provide for comfort when carrying. Many shops and markets offer flimsy or no carrier at all to take home foods and retail goods.

If you keep one of these baskets in your car, you will always be ready to take home your purchases. You can also use them to shop in our shop. I have received wonderful compliments for my basket and believe that you will too. This is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one and it is in keeping with the "one of a kind" aspect of our shop philosophy. 
"Winter Fun"

This original painting by Johanne Cassia is available in several sizes as framed giclee canvas. It is also available in ourshop as a 5" X 7" greeting card.  It was inspired by town hill as it may have looked in earlier times. A peaceful scene with lots of winter activity. Hope you will visit: or come into our shop to view a large collection of Johanne's paintings, document boxes, floor cloths and greeting cards.

Thank You to Dylan Brown


We want to thank Dylan Brown for keeping all of our websites up to date and designing our newsletter each month. Dylan has made and incredible contribution to our online marketing in so many ways.


We wholeheartedly recommend his services if you are thinking of doing any project online. You can contact him here