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October 2011
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"The Art of Creation"
"Hands on Energy"

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Johanne Cassia, Folk Artist

About 20 years ago, I was in a program that was designed to have the participants really think outside of the box. We were inspired to "know ourselves, other than we knew ourselves to be." Each person was encouraged to state an "extraordinary goal" and then to work to reach that goal. Many accomplished incredible pursuits. Some developed social service organizations, special fundraisers and extraordinary humanitarian programs. I was amazed and inspired.


I had the idea that small businesses could contribute in some way to world peace. I thought that being connected might bring a greater understanding of who we are and what we are about as people. I didn't have any idea how to develop that idea. I am not one who feels comfortable with not completing things. Perhaps, I could adjust my goal?


Now, 20 years later, I have an adjusted goal. I want Americans to create a better life by bringing back the wonderful things we used to have. I want Americans to buy American goods. The question is where to begin to start this return to investing in ourselves?


Our family and friends know Frank and I believe in America. We believe in products "Made in America." From the day we opened our shop, twelve years ago, we have offered high quality products, made here in America. The furniture and accessories both in our shop and our B&B home are made in America. We went out and found them.


We want to be connected to people who design, produce, purchase or sell American goods and services. Facebook is one way to connect with people throughout the nation and throughout the world. If you agree with our philosophy, we hope you will click LIKE my new facebook page, Johanne Cassia, Folk Artist.


If you LIKE our page we will do the same to your page. If you know others who create or sell goods made in America, please pass the word along. We want to get connected to them. Let's get the word out that we can get back to an amazing American life. A thousand LIKES will get the momentum going. That is my new goal.


Heirloom textiles is an amazing example of what a family can accomplish in America. This family business looms historic textiles. They have recreated early rugs for many historic museum homes. They have also loomed and tailored the uniforms and costumes for historic PBS specials depicting Civil War and Revolutionary battles.


The company is run by three generations of the same family and they are experiencing great success. Not only do they do large scale projects for movies, television and museums, they create textiles for shops like ours. We have been offering thier loomed coverlets, throws, table runners and table covers for the past ten years. We sell every piece we offer because of the high quality of their goods and the wonderful historic patterns.


We hand select every item offered for sale in our shop. We have just added a new, small but exceptional collection of their twin and queen coverlets. We have several table squares and small table mats in a variety of patterns. We will have new loomed hot pads for the first time. We are proud to offer these special goods made in America.



"The Art of Creation"

Last Saturday was one of the most fun days I have had as an artist. Several new friends responded to my invitation to come to my "studio in the barn" and paint with me for the first time. I provided all the materials and eveyone accepted the challenge. Much to their amazement they created wonderful pieces. It was so great to be with adventurous adults who surprised themselves and delighted in their creations.


Along with the folk art painting, was the opportunity to experience Sumi-e ink painting. Kay Pearsall volunteered to teach this special style of Japanese art. The results were just beautiful. A special thank you to Kay for bringing all of her supplies and sharing her exceptional knowledge.


"Directed Open Studio" painting schedule for October. We will be painting from 11-1 on Saturdays, October 8, 22 and 29. There will be no class on October 15.


"Hands on Energy" 

Why offer hand crafted goods? The artisan has put their hands and energy into each piece. It might be fun to take a moment to look at the hand crafted pieces in your home. Perhaps, you will experience again the hands on energy you felt when you acquired it. You will be supporting American master craftspeople. The few who have taken the risk of developing their skills and have managed to grow and sustain their businesses

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