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January 2012

Where do "Resolutions" come from?

Why do we make "resolutions" and where do they come from? Ancient wisdom suggests the obvious that each year gives us an opportunity for renewal or self actualization. I agree the new year gives us the opportunity to do something new, create something new and look forward to something new.

Perhaps, we could move beyond the "usual" resolutions that include improving our physical appearance in some way. I do think living a healthy life is important but let's look beyond that one for a moment.

What about the "daydreams" that float along with us every day that we often push aside for another time? Perhaps, this new year we could make a few resolutions together? 

In the year 2012, we could spend more time with loved ones and make many new friends.ducks

Plan more "alone time" when we need it.

Resolve to embark on a new adventure.
stage coach

Visit more beautiful gardens.

Listen to more music.

Paint more,painting class

Take more risks.covered bridge

Enjoy more history.

And always eat an apple a day.

We want thank all our family, friends and guests who have been kind
to us and have helped support our dreams.
Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

Have the Happiest of New Years!

Johanne & Frank